Book Report: Book News for the Week of April 1st on Forces of Geek

How to Make a Living as a Writer
Literary Agent Rachel Gardner has a popular blog where she doles out lots of useful advice to aspiring writers.  In her recent series, she explored the world of Making a Living as a Writer, dividing it into VolumeVariety, and Challenges.
Mistborn the Video Game 
Fans of bestselling author’s Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Trilogy — Final Empire, Well of Ascension, and Hero of Ages — will be delighted to hear the forthcoming video game version of the series coming from Little Orbit, though they’ll be waiting awhile, as the planned release date is fall 2013.

Star Wars Scoundrels 
The good thing for those who just can’t get enough Star Wars is that there continue to be numerous books published within the universe each year, and Timothy Zahn has just released the latest cover in his next Star Wars novel, Scoundrels.

Harry Potter Ebooks 
Harry Potter fanatics will be delighted to hear that the Harry Potter series — all seven books — is now available on ebook, which can be purchased through the Pottermore site in the price range of $7.99 – $9.99.



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