BookBanter Column: Ebooks vs. Print

I think we’ve all reached the point now where the “e-revolution” is not just coming but it’s already here and doing very well.   As for myself, I still have yet to own an ereader; however, I feel that 2012 will be the year in which I acquire one. I have only read a small number of ebooks so far, a quantity I’m able to count on one hand, but I also know that this will change, and the prophets foretell of more ebooks in my future.

So with ebooks now vying against print books for sales in the world of publishing, let us take a look at the merits and negative connotations of these two mediums of reading. For anyone not accepting and getting on the e-bandwagon, you can go and join those who are still fans of a flat earth and disbelieving in global warming.  And for the rest of us who acknowledge that ebooks are here to stay, we may be in various stages of acceptance.While I don’t believe one isn’t necessarily superior to the other, I know there are plenty of spokesmen for each medium; no one is likely to be the true victor, as was the case with say Blu-ray and HD DVDs.

But let’s take a look at how they stack up.



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