Goal Achieved: I’m Going to Have my Own Bookstore, Sort of

A couple years ago I did a post on having one of my life goals achieved, this one was having my review quoted on the cover of a book.  I don’t have too many life goals at this point (I expect I’ll come up with a few more the older I get), but yesterday I had another one of those goals I’ve always wanted approved.

Within a few months, hopefully some time in July, I will be running my own bookstore . . . sort of.  The bookstore will in fact be part of the Dimple Records stores.  Dimple Records is a mom and pop small-chain company that sells new and used CDs, DVDs, video games and even vinyl.  They currently have seven stores around the Sacramento area and within a few months will be opening their first bookstore, selling used and new books at prices competitive with Amazon.

I will be one of the people running and working in this store.  I’ve always wanted to have my own bookstore; it’s been a dream of mine for some time, and while this will be very much a Dimples Records bookstore, I will be able to apply the 8+ years of knowledge and sales and merchandising I’ve picked up at multiple stores to this new store and do things right.

To say I’m excited is putting it mildly.  I’ve already put a lot of work in preparing this potential store — though I didn’t know this would be the end result — in sorting the books and organizing and shelving them.  I know it’s going to take a lot more work to get there as a store.  But on the day I help the customer at “my store,” it’s going to feel pretty great.

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