Book News: Book Report for the Week of May 20th on Forces of Geek

Writer’s Cramp with Lisa Scottoline
In this fascinating article from the New York Times, readers hear from bestselling mystery author Lisa Scottline, on why she is now writing more to finish more books and bring them out sooner, thanks to the advent of the ebook revolution.

The Next Step for Ereaders
2012 will be remembered as the next step in ereader evolution, as this year is turning out to be all about making the backlit ereader.  While the iPad has it’s own lighting, common ereaders like the Kindle, Nook or Kobo do not and so are not usable in the dark.  This year both Kindle and Nook will be coming out with backlit ereaders, with the other ereader companies likely to follow.

More on Class Action Suit over Ebook Pricing
Seventeen states have now joined the class action law suit over ebook pricing, saying that “Apple and five of the six major U.S. publishers conspired to create the agency model for e-books and thereby fix prices.”

The App for Lazy Book Buyers
You know how when your browsing in a bookstore and all those books have the titles on the spines sideways, and you have to tilt your head and adjust your body to read them?  Well, there’s an Apple app now to help you take care of that, called ShelfLook.



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