“Wyrd” Progress Report XIX



REASON FOR STOPPING: Finished a big scene and did some setup for the next; also hit 90,000 words!

It’s been a while since I did a Wyrd progress report.  The novel is going along great, and I can feel myself closing in on the end of this massive “book” within the manuscript I’ve been writing, called “Pictland.”  I’m on target to hit my annual goal of page 500, as I’m now on page 422.  One thing I do continue to realize as more scenes get written, and characters think of more things to say and talk about, is that this is going to be one bastard of a book.  I expect to hit page 500 some time before the fall, and I have this strong feeling that it might just be at or close to half of the book.  We shall just have to see.  I find it very exciting though, as I’ve never written anything quite this long.  But I have a lot of story to tell, and my characters have a lot of say, whether to the reader or to each other.  Also hit the 90,000 word mark today, which felt great.  It’s going to be interesting once I crack 100,000 words for the first time, since my longest manuscript has been 97,000.  It’s going to feel like walking on the moon . . . traversing across a whole new world that I’ve never been before.

Going to take a brief break through the month of June to work on editing and putting finishing touches on Kyra: The First Book of Enchantus, to get it ready for release hopefully in July or August.  But as soon as I’m done with that last “checkup,” I’m coming right back to Wyrd.  Can’t wait!


Also once I hit that 500 page mark I will reassess the word counter and likely update it to the 200,000 mark. 


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