Book Report: Book News for the Week of June 4th on Forces of Geek

The Future of Book Cover Design
Gizmodo looks at the future of the book cover and how, in the world of ereaders and ereading, it is changing and in many ways becoming obsolete. What will the future of book covers be with ereaders?

Authors Win Class Status Over Google Books
In a case that’s been going on for seven years, a judge recently ruled in favor of the author to take Google to court over their plan to digitize out of print books and other writings.

10 Great Science Fiction Books for People Who Don’t Read Sci-Fi
Flavorwire brings a short list of recommended science fiction books for people who’ve never considered themselves fans of the genre. Including Ender’s Game, The Handmaid’s Tale, and The Yiddish Policeman’s Union, these are books well worth checking out.

Why do Ebooks Sometimes Cost More?
In this interesting article, explores the reasons why some ebooks cost more than the actual print hardcover book sometimes.



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