Book Report: Book News for the Week of June 10th on Forces of Geek

Remembering Ray Bradbury:

This past week renowned author Ray Bradbury passed away at 91, and the world is now fondly remembering him in so many ways.

SF Signal in their tidbits post has pulled together all the tributes for him.

Neil Gaiman has written a heart-felt article in The Guardian.

Here is an interview with Ray Bradbury from 1990.

HarperCollins has announced it will be publishing a tribute book in July.

And to end on a funny note, here’s an entertaining Onion headline on Ray Bradbury’s passing.

A “Copia” of Ebooks:
With Google Ebooks ending its role as source for buying ebooks for independent booksellers, a new company has arisen, Copia, which will provide the opportunity for independent retailers to offer ebooks to customers, as well as magazines and newspapers.

Tor/Forge DRM-Free Ebook Store:
With the recent announcement from Tor/Forge of their permanently making ebooks DRM-free, they have now announced they will have their very own ebook store on their site offering these DRM-free ebooks.