Book News: Book Report for the Week of June 18 on Forces of Geek

The Best Paces for Bookstore Browsing
From Peter Greenberg comes a fascinating list of the best bookstores around the world for book browsing. While it may involve some serious travel, some of these bookstores will become your home away from home.

Pynchon Goes Digital
The renowned author Thomas Pynchon is one of the last authors to refuse to have his books, such as Gravity’s Rainbow and Mason & Dixon, has finally made an agreement with Penguin Putnam to release his books in ebook format.

Terry Goodkind is Self-Publishing
Bestselling author Terry Goodkind, renowned for his Sword of Truth epic fantasy series, will be self-publishing his next novel, The First Confessor.

New Sanderson Book
Bestselling author Brandon Sanderson has signed a publishing deal with Gollancz books in partnership with Delacorte Press in the US to release his first young adult book in a new series. The first book will be called Steelheart, with a planned release date of August 2013.



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