Dimple Records to Open Bookstore

After interviewing with the Sacramento Bee newspaper last week, it was great to see the first big article on the new bookstore for Dimple Records:

Dimple Records to Open First Stand-Alone Bookstore on Arden Way

Thousands gathered in New York last week for the annual BookExpo, the largest publishing industry event of the year. As independent booksellers congratulated themselves on the surprisingly rosy outlook for their market niche, Dimple Records staff in Sacramento sorted inventory and moved racks into an Arden Way storefront that will house the first stand-alone bookstore in the local chain’s 38-year history.

The store will open this summer across the parking lot from Dimple’s music, DVD and gaming center – one of seven in the Sacramento region owned and operated by the Radakovitz family. Like the other Dimple sites, the bookstore will contain a mix of new and used merchandise, with a heavy emphasis on customer trade-ins for cash or in-store credit.

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