Bookbanter Column: Get Lost in a Good Fantasy Series, Part 1: The Mistborn Trilogy on Forces of Geek


Finding a good epic fantasy series to read can sometimes be a troublesome thing.  There are a number of them out there that go on for a number of books, ranging from the trilogies to five-book series to ten-book series and beyond.  I’ve tried a number of them myself, and it can be hard to assess whether any of them stand up to say the holy trinity trilogy of The Lord of the Rings

A number of them start out strong, and then eventually devolve into redundancy and boredom, such as Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, while others just lose their way after the first three books; Song of Ice and Fire, I’m looking at you.  Now, these are just my opinions, and I know there are many many readers who would disagree with me, but there is one particular trilogy I know most epic fantasy fans can agree is excellent from start to finish, and that is Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy. 

The series has in fact continues sell very well and is so popular that an RPG is now in development for it.  And while the trilogy is complete with The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension and The Hero of Ages, Sanderson has announced that he’s not done with the world by any means and has plans to write two further trilogies set within this world, though further in the future, a good example of which is his recently released Alloy of Law

What can be best said about the series, other than the fascinating world, the interesting and complex characters, and the riveting plots, is that the magic system is simply mind-blowing.



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