“Bloodline” by James Rollins (William Morrow, 2012)


In bestselling author James Rollins’ next riveting installment of his SIGMA Force series, there is a sort of cool down period compared to his previous Devil Colony and Doomsday Key, as there is less of the jumping from country to country around the world, with great earth-shattering ramifications, as the Bloodline story is a smaller more sinister one.  And yet, as it unfolds, the reader learns of a new way to be terrified, not for the fate of the world, but for the fate of their humanity on a genetic level.

The story opens with a short prologue of the Knights Templar in the eleventh century and a supposed hidden female Templar.  Jumping to the present day, the President’s daughter is kidnapped by Somali pirates and the SIGMA Force team is sent out to get her back alive.  But as the truth is slowly revealed, everyone soon realizes these pirates aren’t interested in a ransom, but in the special child she is carrying; also they’re not your average pirates, in fact they work for a group readers familiar with the series will know all too well.  So it’s up to Pierce and the team to get the President’s daughter back, but also to get her child back too, for it possesses a very special genetic code that others would gladly murder and massacre to get their hands on.

Rollins continues to do what he does best in Bloodline, weaving unusual storylines together with links the reader never saw coming.  A strong cast featuring some impressive female characters makes this a thrilling read; though it is contrasted with the shocking procedures some other female characters have to endure.  Bloodline is not for those with a weak stomach.  But for those wishing to get some answers about the clandestine group known as the Guild, this is the book for you.

Originally written on July 17, 2012 ©Alex C. Telander.

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