“Wyrd” Progress Report XX



REASON FOR STOPPING: Finished part three of the book!

It seems fitting to hit a big progress report of number twenty for completing Part Three of the book.  I knew this part was going to take a long time and be a big and focal part of the book, but little did I know it would take over two hundred and fifty pages.  Guess my characters had a lot to say and do that I wasn’t fully aware of when I began that part.  And I’ve now hit page 455 with the start of Part Four of the book.  I know this book is easily going to be the longest project I’ve ever worked on and the end is nowhere near in sight, with I’d say at least a couple years left to go.  And you may ask: Do I feel like I’m halfway through the book with the end of this part, and my answer would be: no.

My goal for the year with Wyrd was to hit page 500, but sometimes goals don’t always get reached like you want them to, at least at this point at the end of July.  I feel I have satisfied what I set out to do with this book at the beginning of the year, and while I may not have hit that specific page number, I’ve reached my goal with the manuscript and am happy with that.  I may not return to this project for the rest of the year, so starting the new part just to hit that page number and then abandon it doesn’t feel right.  Of course, there’s still a lot of the year left to go and I may hit my other goals and still have time left over to come back to this one.  The future isn’t written in stone, which is certainly one of the themes of Wyrd.