BOOK REPORT: Book News for the Week of July 29th

Eric Van Lustbader to Self-Publish
In more surprising news, bestselling author Eric Van Lustbader, noted author of the current Jason Bourne series, is jumping on the self-publishing band wagon.

Barry Diller and Scott Rudin Explore Ebook Venture
Hollywood important peeps Barry Diller of IAC/InterActive Corp. and producer Scott Rudin are looking into starting their own ebook publishing company.

How Does Your Publisher Make Money?
In another fascinating blog post from the popular literary agent, Rachel Gardner, she goes into detail, breaking down where publishers make their money and how this is changing with ebooks.

The DOJ Strikes Back
In the continuing case of the Department of Justice versus Apple, Inc. and some of the big publishing houses, over 800 letters and briefs were brushed aside as the DOJ continued to insist that it would be taking the corporations to court over the matter of ebook pricing collusion.