Book Teaser #4 for “Kyra: The First Book of Enchantus”

Final teaser before a final cover teaser and the actual release, which is drawing close.

“Jolus the Malignant had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Chosen One and her Guide when the door in front of him blew to smithereens.  Some splinters shot passed his head, one burying itself in his hand.  He pulled it out, studied the dark red end, and stuck it in his mouth, sucking on his own blood.  He watched the dust settle and smoke disperse, and then spat out the splinter when he saw the two in the doorway.  They looked little worse for wear.  He hadn’t necessarily expected them to get this far, and to best all his guards, as well as get past the many traps he’d set along the way.  The boy had a wound in his side, but it was minor compared to Jolus’s imagined wounds they should’ve sustained.  Seeing them there, ready to do battle wasn’t how he’d intended it all to happen.  And he certainly hadn’t expected Kyra to possess a power to demolish one of his doors.  This wasn’t the Kyra he’d seen in his visions.  For the first time, Jolus wondered about the outcome of this final battle.  But he had his ways, one of which was guaranteed to work, should it be necessary.”

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