Book Teaser #5 for “Kyra the First Book of Enchantus”

And the countdown resumes to August 28th for the new release date for Kyra: The First Book of Enchantus.  And here’s another book teaser for you:

“The scar lines were a distinguishable white from the rest of his hand.  He knew he’d always had a bit of problem believing the wound was caused by a sharp piece of glass.  To make such a wound, he would’ve had to drag the glass repeatedly, cutting deep into his skin and causing unimaginable pain.  And that the scar had simply grown in size as he great older.  He knew it made little sense; over the years he’d told himself that the old scar mixed with new ones from all the farm work he did.  It was something he didn’t like to talk about, and rarely looked at because it was so ugly.  But now . . .”

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