Book Teaser #8 for “Kyra the First Book of Enchantus”

August 28th comes ever closer; another teaser for you:

“Doci reached the foot of the throne, with the armrest reaching his chest.  But the person’s feet, if he’d been a king, were about half a foot off the floor.  He studied the throne, looking closely at it and was able to tell that it was carved from a very strong stone, for it had kept its exact shape for so long, and apart from being covered in dust, the throne was still in amazing condition.  Its great size conveyed to Doci a time so very long past, perhaps one that no one knew anything about – not even Jolus the Malignant or Demto.  The size spoke of a race of beings before the Enchantans and possibly even before the Mesolans, when there’d been a different kind of people of a great height.  There was a headrest at the top of the back of the throne, and judging from its size, these unknown giants had large heads to match their staggering size.  How Doci wished he could see one of these people of the past and see just what they were like; to see what life had been like in Aisis Lip way back then.”

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