Book Tewaser #9 for “Kyra: The First Book of Enchantus”

August 28th arrives tomorrow; now for a final teaser for you:

“The ocean seemed angry.

While the waves were hypnotizing her with their ferocity, Kyra heard another, far different sound off to her left.  It sounded like something with small feet approaching her, trying to remain unheard.  Kyra finally plucked up enough courage to turn her head and look.

Her mouth dropped open and she could feel the cold wind running into her mouth and down her throat, drying up her saliva.

There, just ten feet away, stood a seagull, except it wasn’t your ordinary seagull.  This one was the size of her dog, Pal, who she was able to ride around on in the house.  The giant gull stopped, turned its head sideways, then opened its beak as if to speak.”

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