Faces of Publishing Penultimate Interview with Lynn Pasquale, Director of Digital Publishing, Prometheus Books

Lynn Pasquale Title

I was planning on putting this post up early this morning, but with GoDaddy deciding to go down for most of the day, there has been a significant delay.  But as they say: better late than never.

This is the penultimate Faces of Publishing interview for Bookbanter, with next month’s being the last interview for Bookbanter.

 Lynn Pasquale

Lynn Pasquale has been with Prometheus Books for over ten years and currently serves as Director of Digital Publishing.

Alex C. Telander: Most important question first: is it ebook, eBook, Ebook, e-book?  Is there a definitive nomenclature?

Lynn Pasquale: The answer is all of the above. Various publishing and conversion houses seem to have their own preference on how to write “ebook.” This spelling—ebook—is simply the standard we chose to follow as a press to keep everything consistent.

Alex: How did you end up working in the ebook department?

Lynn: I worked in publicity here for about 8 years and I was ready for a new direction. The timing was such that ebooks were coming onto the scene and the need for a full-time staff member to manage them became apparent. I was ready to take on the challenge, and I am grateful that our president realized the work ethic, brand loyalty, and detail-oriented focus that had served me well in publicity would translate into helping us navigate this new market.