BOOK NEWS: Book Report for the Week of September 16th

Berkeley/NAL Launches InkLit Graphic Novel Imprint
The publisher Berkeley/NAL has launched their very own imprint specializing in graphic novels, called InkLit, beginning October 2 with Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega: Volume 1.

50 Books to Build Your Character
Looking to make more of an impression on people?  Here are 50 recommended titles to help build your character.

Judge Approves Department of Justice Settlement
Hachette, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster have reached a settlement over their previous involvement in possible ebook price collusion.  Under the new agreement, they are required to end their sales agreement with book retailers on the pricing of ebooks for the next two years, giving these bookstores to option to price ebooks from these publishers at whatever price they choose.

Salman Rushdie Honors the Courage of Independent Bookstores
In this forthcoming biography, Joseph Anton, Rushdie recognizes and thanks independent bookstores for their courage after continuing to support and sell his books since 1989, when a fatwa was put upon his head.



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