Faces of Publishing: An Interview with Jaime Levine, Editor for Grand Central Publishing

Jaime Levine

Jaime Levine

Jaime Levine has been an editor with Grand Central PPublishing for 15 years, current author highlights: #1 NY Times bestselling duo Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child and the estate of Robert Ludlum.  With three concurrent Ludlum series, she works with many talented writers, including Jamie Freveletti, Kyle Mills, Justin Scott, and Eric Van Lustbader.  Her most recent launch: Pure—a post-apocalyptic, dystopian novel by Julianna Baggott.

Alex C. Telander: When did you know you wanted to become an editor?

Jaime Levine: It wasn’t something that I knew, though I was curious about publishing at the end of college. I feel like I decided to be an editor after I got to NYC and got my first editorial assistant job and loved it. But, here’s an odd addendum to that story: when I went to my ten year high school reunion, my ceramics teacher pulled out this notebook a bunch of us had written in when we were seniors. They were predictions of where we’d be at the age of 28.  I’d apparently written, “if I haven’t made a million on my first novel, I’ll be a book editor.”  I was a wise-ass, as you can see, but weirdly prescient. I have zero memory of writing that too.  I wasn’t aware that I knew at 17 years old that book editors existed.

Alex: How did you get started in publishing?

Jaime: Oh, a common story. I was an English major, worked on a literary magazine that a friend started. She went off to get an MFA and left a job at a small press in Chicago. I debated between teaching high school English and publishing.  I decided getting a job in publishing didn’t require more education, so I opted to take over her position at the small press.  After almost a year, I knew that I needed to actually come to NYC and experience working in editorial before I could conclude one way or the other. I got a job at what was then Warner Books and have been here ever since.  Within the first year I knew I was hooked by editorial.

Alex: What does an ordinary day look like for you?


This is the last Faces of Publishing interview, and the last planned interview for Bookbanter for the near future.