“Bad Glass” by Richard E. Gropp (Ballantine, 2012)

Bad Glass

There’s something wrong with Spokane, Washington. Seriously wrong. The military has formed a protective cordon around the extreme outskirts of the city, not letting anyone in and anyone out. Strange things have started happening on the inside, people disappearing, unusual creatures being seen, as well as realities that just cannot be. But no new is getting out, and no one has any clue what is really going on.

Dean Walker has one last chance to pursue his passion and make it as a photographer, before his father makes him become part of the family business. After bribing one of the privates with a convincing story and some photos, Walker sneaks into Spokane to find out what’s really going on, seeing if he can help put a stop to it, as well as take some award-winning photos that he plans to release to the world, and become famous and incredibly rich. But on the inside, like everyone else, he sees things that simply shouldn’t be, things that cause the human mind to stop working properly. He also meets some special people that he learns to care about. Curiosity also grows in him, as he searches for an answer to what is going on in Spokane and why it’s getting worse.

A gripping kind of horror, Bad Glass uses an interesting device of describing photographs and video footage that are shocking and unbelievable, as well as drawing the reader deeper and deeper into the story. While the ending feels a little rushed, as the answers finally start to come, the story is well worth the wait.

Originally written on November 10, 2012 ©Alex C. Telander.

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