“2312” by Kim Stanley Robinson (Orbit, 2012)


From the author of the Mars trilogy, as well as many other bestsellers, comes a science fiction novel that pushes the boundaries of the genre through story and character and writing to keep the reader hooked from start until finish.  2312 is a lengthy book that will stay with you long after you have turned and read the final page.

It is the future of the twenty-fourth century where humanity has come a long way and colonized a number of planets in our solar system, as well as their moons.  Technology is impressive and inter-planetary travel a common event.  In fact, one of the new aesthetic ways to travel is on a moving asteroid that has been colonized and terra-formed, with each of these traveling planetoids representing a unique architectural style.  Swan Er Hong is one of these talented designers, but having lost a close person in her life is now adrift, uncertain what to do.  But after a series of attacks and catastrophic events, beginning with the great protected city of Terminator on Mercury, she realizes there is something going on here much greater than she can conceive.

Robinson has outdone himself with 2312, blending a story of gripping science fiction, a captivating plot, and unique characters that exist in a future world of acceptance and normalcy to them that seems advanced and developed when compared to ours.  A delight to read, 2312 will be keeping you up late.

Originally written on November 10, 2012 ©Alex C. Telander.

To purchase a copy of 2312 from Amazon, and help support BookBanter, click HERE.

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