“The Twelve” by Justin Cronin (Ballantine Books, 2012) [BOOKBANTER BOOK REVIEW #700]


It is finally here: the anxiously awaited sequel to the bestselling The Passage.  Justin Cronin does a great job of not just presenting a number of different situations of survival in his post-apocalyptic world, but also goes back to pre-apocalypse times with some pivotal characters, exploring the roles they will play in this story.

In the present day, there are three characters who will play an important position in this world’s future: Lila, a doctor who is pregnant and due soon, even as the world is falling apart around her; a man known as the “Last Stand in Denver” who has been blogging and reporting about what is really happening; and April, a teenager fighting to keep both herself and her brother alive.  Then we cut to the post-apocalyptic world of groups trying to survive against these horrific vampires; the night is now a terrifying time.  But one little girl, Amy, has the hopes of many, and the ability to forge forward and give this world a chance.

While The Twelve at times becomes somewhat predictable, like many other dystopian books, it still takes one to interesting and new places, with its unusual characters, keeping one hooked until the end.

Originally written on December 4, 2012 ©Alex C. Telander.

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