Bookbanter Interviews

Okay, after a long week of work, the entire collection of Bookbanter interviews comprised of 40 audio episodes and 37 written interviews over a three-year period are now available on this site.  To navigate, you can select Bookbanter interviews in the right column at the top to see five examples of each type of interview, or you can go to a specific interview page.

Audio: Audio interviews feature exclusive author interviews with the likes of Brandon Sanderson, Mary Roach, Justin Cronin, James Rollins, and many more.  These interviews can be listened to or downloaded for free.  You can find the audio interview page here.

Written: Written interviews again feature exclusive interviews with a variety of authors including Brian Wood, Mira Grant, Peter Straub, Naomi Novik, and many more.  You can find the written interview page here.

Faces of Publishing: This was a series of interviews conducted in 2012 with the people behind the author and the book who help make it happen.  They include publicists, editors, agents, and more.  You can find the Faces of Publishing page here.

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