Writing Goals for 2013

After talking about what I got done writing wise last week, this week it’s time to set up some writing goals for 2013.  Now, I know I say this every year, but this year I’m really going for a couple of short and simple goals, and nothing too grandiose, as I always seem to overshoot when it comes to setting writing goals for the year.  And this is mainly because of big life changing events during the year which I can’t usually predict; last year I changed jobs, twice, with an all new work schedule each time, and I also moved.  This year I’m expecting to move again at some point, and I have another big life change on the horizon which I’m sure will change everything again.  So, for 2013, we’re going to try and make it an easy writing year, as far as writing goals go.

Of course, there’s nothing easy about writing.

GOAL #1: Continue writing WyrdThis is my historical fiction manuscript I’ve been working on for some time.  My goal for this year is to hit page 600, but I’d also just like to get as far as possible with this.  And I’m excited to see where it goes next.  You can see my updates for this project here.

GOAL #2: Continue editing and read through of White Horse. This is a completed science fiction manuscript that I’ve been working on editing for a while, and haven’t made much headway, so hopefully this year, keeping things simple, I can get cracking on this.  And at the least come up with a better title.  Updates can be found here.

GOAL #3: Write a short story or three. Got at least one short story written last year, so same goal this year, writing one or more stories.  Got a few ideas hanging around inside my brain.

GOAL #4: Submit stories. Including the one I wrote last year, which will need to be edited, I’ve got a couple of other stories I want to be submitting to publications.

And that’s it.  Let’s see how this wild ride of 2013 goes . . .


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