Bookbanter Column: Get Lost in a Good Children’s Series: THE BARTIMAEUS TRILOGY

Jonathan Stroud is your stereotypical British children’s author, polite and well mannered with a great imagination.  In 2003 he published the first book in a planned young adult fantasy trilogy, known as the Bartimaeus Trilogy.  In 2004 he released The Golem’s Eye, and in 2005 Ptolemy’s Gate.

While it has never reached anywhere near the bestselling status of say the Harry Potter books, it nevertheless sold very well in Europe and the United States, and yet there are still many fans of the genre who have never heard of this trilogy.

What’s interesting about the Bartimaeus Trilogy is that while it is a similar world to that of Harry Potter, set in Britain with magicians and magic, it takes on a subject matter and questions the status quo and dynamic of this world in ways that J. K. Rowling never did.

In the world of the Bartimaeus trilogy, magicians don’t actually have that much power.