Bookbanter Column: Where’s the Digital Copy for Books?

It seems these days we’re living in an impressively modern age where one can purchase a regular DVD or Blu-ray version of a movie, or a special edition which comes with a Blu-ray copy and a regular DVD version of the movie on a separate disc, allowing viewers to enjoy the movie on various devices of their choosing.

Take for example the recent release of the movie Moonrise Kingdom.  The special Blu-ray edition includes a copy of the movie in Blu-ray, a copy on regular DVD, a digital copy that can be downloaded with a code, and even an Ultraviolet copy allowing you to be able to access the movie in the cloud to stream and download onto tablets, smartphones, computers and TVs.

The reason for this change in production is a logical one.  This way people wanting to enjoy the movie, can do so on a variety of different devices — Blu-ray player, regular DVD player, tablet or even smartphone — at the same time with multiple members of a family or group of friends.  It changes a product into something that can be freely enjoyed through a choice of devices at any time in about any given situation.  I think this is a great advancement in movie production.

My question is: where is the equivalent for the book world?

I believe there is a logical and simple solution to this that will propel book production into the modern world alongside that of DVD production, and perhaps change the whole controversial subject of ebooks vs. print books.



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