Bookbanter Column: Diary of an Ereader, Part Two: Equiring an Ereader

Half the reason I chose to finally get myself an ereader was for the digital review copy aspect.  I’ve been reviewing books for over a decade and with the development and growth over the last few years of not just ebooks, but also the world of digital review copies and ebook reviewing, I couldn’t help but feel I was missing out on a facet of reviewing.

I rarely don’t have my next book picked out and waiting to be read and reviewed on my shelf, but I knew there were virtual shelves of books out there that I could be e-partaking of.

But first I had to get myself an ereader, which is an interesting story in itself.

If you’re any sort of book fan who enjoys frequenting used bookstores, then you’ve probably heard of Powell’s in Oregon.  They have a couple of stores, and their mighty, multi-storied one is in Portland has its own special map to help you find your way around its labyrinthine stacks.

Going there for a book lover must be like going to Disneyland; one day I’ll go.