BabyBanter: Lets Get This Thing Started


I have a little one on the way; he’s due at the end of the month, though we have  feeling he might arrive a little late. I was born nine days late, but then being born after your due date is just fine, as it means you’re getting that much more nutrition and goodness from mommy.

My life is about to go through some big changes and once our little guy is born, I’m not sure what my blogging schedule is going to be like, but I’m hoping that if I have to cut down on posts due to lack of sleep and time and looking after a new little bundle of joy, it will be down from three to one post a week. We’ll just have to see.

I’m entering an entirely new chapter in my life and have little experience in it other than what I’ve read and studied so far; I’m sure the real thing is going to be a shock (both surprising and wonderful) in every way, but I’m hoping this reading gives me a solid base to work with, plus with what I’ve learned from pregnancy classes.

So I thought wouldn’t it be interesting to blog about, thus BabyBanter.

I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be posting to BabyBanter, and whether the little guy will always let me, but I know I’m going to learn a lot from this and its going to be a wonderful, amazing journey, and if I can impart some of what I learn along the way, I figure it can only help.

As well as sharing plenty of embarrassing, hilarious occurrences and circumstances at my expense that our little guy no doubt finds greatly amusing.

Let’s see how it goes.