Bookbanter Column: Get Lost in a Good Mystery Series: Karen Vail

When it comes to mysteries and thrillers, there are a lot of them out there.  And when it comes to a series, you want a character you at least like, enjoy reading about, and can look forward to with each book and a new mystery to solve.

Karen Vail is one of those characters.

She’s ones of the foremost FBI profilers who has done her work and time at Quantico, climbing the ranks, and is one of the more successful women working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Author Alan Jacobson put his work in with this character and series, working on it for seven years before publishing the first Karen Vail book.  He made friends with a number of people at Quantico and the FBI, learning and educating himself in just about everything so that when he starts working on one of his Karen Vail books, he has the FBI tools to make the characters real and the story not just plausible, but a great example of what goes on at in the world of the FBI every day.


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