BabyBanter: Fun Fact About Due Dates


Okay, it’s now July 27th, which means it’s my wife’s due date and our Little Guy is going to be born today, right? Some magical biological alarm clock will go off and all of a sudden she’ll go into labor, her water will break, and contractions will automatically begin.


Nope, not likely.

Want to know how likely it is?

How about you take a guess at what percentage of mothers go into labor on their due dates?


Not even close, try again.


Hahah, no, try again.

How about  10%?

Nope, lower than that.

The answer is in fact 4%.

Yep, not a very big number.  And the range of mothers giving birth tends to fall in the range of the couple weeks before the due date, and the couple weeks after.

Me, I arrived eight days after my due date.

And my wife, after growing and carrying our Little Guy for a full nine months now, is pretty much ready to have him come out, but that of course is all up to him and when he decides to make his grand entrance.

Generally you’ll get two weeks after your due date to go into labor, and after that your doctor will likely want to schedule an induction date for you, where the birth is induced. This is something most aren’t in favor of (we’re certainly not), but ultimately it comes down to the safety of the child. There’s indication that after 42 weeks the placenta begins to weaken in its job to keep your child nourished and healthy.

The choices are either have labor and contraction and birth progress as your body dictates and when it dictates, or have it induced with medical help and your body jump-starts into labor and heavy contractions without being fully prepared for it. Also the chances of needing an epidural become much higher.

Think of it like starting a marathon and slowly working your body up to a fervor, building up your speed, and going along under your own control; compared to being in the 100 meter dash and needing to hit top speed in seconds.

So here’s hoping (and it’s very likely) we have our Little Guy decide to make his arrival some time in the next two weeks.

Only time will tell. But we’re as ready as we feel we can be.

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