Running on Creativity

About a month ago I started jogging, first daily and then switching to every other day, since I have a newborn and he takes up most of my time. My previous job was pretty physical, providing me a regular weekly exercise, but since I’ve been done with that job working on raising my newborn, I don’t get a lot of physical exercise anymore.  I also don’t get a lot of time to do said physical exercise, so it was a case of making the time and knowing I didn’t have that much time to spare, so I limited it to an hour and settled on jogging.

There’s a nice creek close to where I live with a paved path beside it that is just perfect for running. And about four weeks ago I started jogging. At first it was pretty pathetic, with my needing frequent breaks to catch my breath and not making it that far, and needing plenty of water to keep me hydrated. 28 or so days later, I find my breathing and heart rate a lot more under my control, I rarely stop jogging now except for traffic lights and crossing the street, and have charted out a jogging course that keeps me along multiple creeks, making it a lot of fun to run. I use a running app called Runtastic Pedometer that tells that for my current jogging course I run between 4.5 and 5 miles each time and work up a really good sweat.

I’ve also felt my creativity explode with this exercise. I believe it was Justin Cronin who said he regular goes running and walking and often comes up with creative ideas while doing it. With the pregnancy, birth and now raising a newborn, I haven’t really had time or thoughts to spare for story ideas and creativity, let alone writing, and it seems this every other day jogging is helping to release this creativity that has been stagnant for some time.

Some time during my first week of running, I came up with a book concept that has since grown and grown and is now a novel I hope to begin writing sometime later this year or next year. It just started as a small idea and then started pouring through me, like the exercise had forced open a channel and let my thoughts come running out. It also might have something to do with my mind being so occupied with the newborn and during my jogging, I’m able to dedicate my time and thoughts to something completely different.

Needless to say I’m loving the running and the creativity that’s coming along with it.

Also at the moment it looks like the book is going to be called Olague.


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