Opening Day for Copperfield’s Books San Rafael

Today is a special day. It’s opening day for Copperfield’s Books newest store in the city of San Rafael, located at 850 4th st. This will be the second bookstore I’ve played a big part in setting up and opening.

Almost a month ago I started working for the great Copperfield’s Books. I had previously worked for them from October 2003 to August 2005 in Petaluma. When I first saw the store it looked like a hollow shell with a lot of work left to be done and to believe it would be ready come November 11th required some stretching of the imagination. But I have almost a decade of experience working in bookstores, and I know the potential and abilities of a good team, especially one that has a love of books and working in bookstores.

knew we could do this.

And now, three weeks later we’ve gone from that dusty, dirty empty shell that didn’t have lighting or shelves or a single book to a beautiful ready bookstore that will be opening its doors to the public of San Rafael and beyond at noon today after a ceremonial ribbon cutting ceremony.

I hope to see you there.

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