Writing Goals for 2013 Achieved?

So I know I didn’t get much completed in 2013 as regards to writing goals, which can all be explained with one simple word: BABY. My wife gave birth to our son in August and all my time just magically vanished. Now, in early 2014, I’m finally starting to carve out time again to get back to writing, so my follow-up post to this one on writing goals for 2014 will be a simple and diminutive one, since my focus is on raising and being a part of my son’s life whenever I can, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing stuff. Fortunately, he goes down for bed around 7 and doesn’t get up again until midnight, so I will make it work.

Anyway, let’s see how we did.

GOAL #1: Continue writing Wyrd.  This is my historical fiction manuscript I’ve been working on for some time.  My goal for this year is to hit page 600, but I’d also just like to get as far as possible with this.  And I’m excited to see where it goes next.  You can see my updates for this project here.

Nope. That didn’t happen. Because BABY.

GOAL #2: Continue editing and read through of White Horse. This is a completed science fiction manuscript that I’ve been working on editing for a while, and haven’t made much headway, so hopefully this year, keeping things simple, I can get cracking on this.  And at the least come up with a better title.  Updates can be found here.

This sort of happened. I did get more of a read through done and got about half way through with plenty of notes. So not so bad. But again, not completely done because BABY.

GOAL #3: Write a short story or three. Got at least one short story written last year, so same goal this year, writing one or more stories.  Got a few ideas hanging around inside my brain.

Yay, this goal got completed. Wrote a story in the first half of the year about a couple running an small inn on an island. Which I really need to get around to editing and then submitting to magazines. A goal for 2014, methinks!

GOAL #4: Submit stories. Including the one I wrote last year, which will need to be edited, I’ve got a couple of other stories I want to be submitting to publications.

And this I did somewhat too, not as much as I wanted to, but still, got a fair number of rejections, so good.

Well, that wasn’t too bad. Now to start thinking about writing goals for 2014.


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