Daniel Suarez @ Copperfield’s Books San Rafael February 25th

Be sure to clear your schedule on the evening of Tuesday, February 25th, as you’re in for a real treat at Copperfield’s San Rafael, where we will be welcoming bestselling author Daniel Suarez for a reading and signing. I first learned about Daniel Suarez in early 2009 with the release of his debut thriller, Daemon. I then had the opportunity to interview him and learned that as well as being a great writer, he’s a fascinating guy.

Daemon  Freedom

In the interview he said after the duology of Daemon and Freedom, he wasn’t sure if he’d do any more books. Thankfully, that never came true, as he followed with Kill Decision in 2012, all about those meddlesome drones flying the skies above us, long before they were in the everyday news.

In February 5th, the Wall Street Journal ran an interesting article on Daniel Suarez and where he is headed as a thriller writer and the big shoes he is skillfully filling. The subtitle of the article alone would pique anyone’s interest:

‘Influx’ may propel the sci-fi writer into the void left by Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton.

Suarez’ new book, Influx, will be released on February 20th. I’m already over a hundred pages into it, and in addition to already been the best thing he’s written yet, it’s some great science fiction in the style of Michael Crichton, William Gibson, and Neal Stephenson. It’s a great book that should be the book that launches Suarez to the big author stage known around the world.

So mark this day and time down in your calendar if you live or will be in the Bay Area – Tuesday, February 25th at 7pm – and come meet a great writer who is changing the face of science fiction.

Copperfield’s Books San Rafael is located at 850 Fourth St. in downtown San Rafael. For more information, call 415-524-2800.

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