“The Necromancer’s House” by Christopher Buehlman (Ace, 2013)

Necromancer's House

Welcome to a world where magic, curses and monsters from history and folklore are real. Meet Andrew Ranulf Blankenship, a handsome, debonair magician who is used to getting his way and doing pretty much whatever he wants. He has a pet incarnated wicker man that was once a dog that he makes serve him wine, as well as a foul-smelling demonic mermaid that he likes doing the dirty with.

Only this mermaid just took the life of an important high-up member of the Russian mafia. And Blankenship just happens to have a booby trap infested house along with a number of secret tunnels, all to protect a magic Russian treasury hoard stolen thirty years ago from the Soviet Union. And now he has an ancient creature from Russian folklore coming for this throat, his blood and his soul.

The Necromancer’s House is another strong example of Christopher Buehlman’s talent as a writer with its lyrical prose and gripping plot; the reader soon gets hooked into the story. While some readers may get a little lost with the story’s initial convolutedness, in the end the book delivers.

Originally written on December 26, 2013 ©Alex C. Telander.

To purchase a copy of The Necromancer’s House from Amazon, and help support BookBanter, click HERE.

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