“Farside” by Ben Bova (Tor, 2013)


At a point in the not too distant future, the far side of the moon has been colonized, the modular created town aptly named Farside.  The plan is to build a full-functioning massive observatory to look at the distant stars, and most importantly a distant Earth-like planet, located in the Goldilocks zone, that is hoped to harbor alien life.

But there’s a long way to go between manufacturing the giant mirrors for the telescopes and getting them up and running.  After one of the mirrors is accidentally dropped and cracked, it’s necessary to make a new one, and they’re on a deadline.  So they look at using nano machines, banned on Earth for fear of being used for ill will, on the moon it may be the thing that can save them.  Farside is also a haven for the unwanted, independent from the government and ruling of Earth. But after a series of strange accidents, it’s clear someone doesn’t want this plan to succeed.

Bova does a great job of making this future world believable and realistic, and while the final solution is a little simple and predictable, overall Farside is still a fun science fiction read.

Originally written on June 3, 2013 ©Alex C. Telander.

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