[This is the third installment in a series. You can read the first installment here.]

Things take an interesting turn in Chapter 2 of Ship of Theseus, as the levels of narrative being to blur a little.  Our two conversing characters who have been going back and forth over the events in Ship of Theseus start to experience happenings in their own lives that relate to the author and story. We learn of these characters’ histories and their involvement with the college and what their own goals are, as well as certain tertiary villainous characters who are also very interested in this manuscript and possibly trying to thwart them in their endeavor. And now it seems inevitable in some way that these two characters will not only end up together, but are perhaps destined toIt is clear that V. M. Straka was a very popular author worldwide and is the subject of much discussion in various circles, most notably between our two main characters.


It is in this chapter that we get a good dose of notable Abrams with a strong Lost vibe as we have not only dramatic events, but events that definitely take on a supernatural vibe, in the form of a massive waterspout that appears from nowhere, imperiling the crew on the ship known as Theseus, that eventually leaves only the one main character, enigmatically known as “S,” alive and floating on the water, the ship nowhere in site.

The story becomes fuller, as new characters are introduced and learned about with the back and forth writings in the margins, some that are literary assertions and questions about the text, while others are mere conversational pieces between the two characters as their relationship begins to develop.

It is also revealed that with the various footnotes made by the translator throughout the book, many an odd comment is made that doesn’t seem to make sense according to the characters reading the text, to the extent that they deduce there is quite possibly some code at work here. The question is who is it for?

The beauty of S. is that it continues to grow more complex with its many levels plot that are each further developed  in their own right, keeping the reader fully hooked into everything going on.


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