“The Atlantis Deception” by Nick Thacker (Kindle Worlds, 2014)

Atlantis Deception
starstarstarHalf Star

It’s Jurassic Park in the deep reaches of space. If you’re not hooked by that, there’s something wrong with you, but if you’re not totally convinced, keep reading.

The Atlantis Origins Project has been pretty successful over the years, as explorers travel the universe and pick up new and unusual alien species in arcs, but the program is at risk of losing funding and being canceled. So it’s up to the current crew to find some really incredible aliens that will shock everyone back home. It’s known as world 1457 and the crew feels they’ve gotten a great selection of some unique species. But as they sit in the conference room, discussing the future, things take a terrible turn for the worse.

The central computer powering everything in the ship grossly malfunctions and most of the crew find themselves trapped in the conference room, the doors sealed and unbreachable. Then the other doorway opens and the crew is staring at an opening into the arc, the massive fully sealed containment unit within the ship housing all the strange and dangerous creatures from world 1457. Then a swarm of one of the species comes into the conference room and attacks. And this begins the really hard times for the crew that will have them crossing the diverse and hostile terrain of the arc, dealing with the alien creatures, with the ultimate goal of reaching the doorway on the other side of the arc to get free. Meanwhile, one member of the crew is suspiciously absent.

While set in A. G. Riddle’s Atlantis world, no prior reading is required to enjoy The Atlantis Deception, though a foreword or afterword would’ve been helpful. Nevertheless, with an interesting cast that have to use their strength and abilities together as a team to overcome the hurdles of the arc and the alien species, this story will have you biting your nails wondering how any of the crew is going to make it out alive.

Originally written on April 23, 2015 ©Alex C. Telander.


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