“Get in Trouble: Stories” by Kelly Link (Random House, 2015)

Get in Trouble

Short story collections are a great way to get introduced to an author, especially an author like Kelly Link, who is known for her unique short stories that engross readers to the fullest. The other nice thing about anthologies is if you don’t like a story, you can always skip to the next one, and sadly this is kind of the case with Get in Trouble, where some of the stories are hit and miss.

The collection begins with “The Summer People,” the strongest and probably best story in the book, about a young girl who’s father has gone off to deal with his apparent sins while she is left to tend the cabins they own and check on the tenants. She is unwell and has a friend help out, introducing her to the summer people and the house they live in. She explains the rules for entering the house and how these strange creatures are to be treated.

“A New Boyfriend” is a strange story set in a world where teenage girls can have robotic boyfriends, except this new boyfriend is a vampire and has a “ghost” setting and the girl’s best friend thinks she might have some strong feelings for him. “Two Houses” is the moving story about a group of space travelers sharing ghost stories and questioning whether if a haunted house is disassembled, does the ghost still stay in the house?

These three stories are the high points of the collection, as the rest of the stories seem ordinary and somewhat uninteresting when put with these. Still, the full collection is worth the read, as every reader is different.

Originally written on March 23, 2015 ©Alex C. Telander.

To purchase a copy of Get in Trouble from Amazon, and help support BookBanter, click HERE.


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