“The Affinities” by Robert Charles Wilson (Tor, 2015)

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What if Facebook was more than just a social media platform, but a way of life and living that you used to pick your friends, make any and all important decisions in your life, and in many ways become your real family? Wilson takes a department from his more classic science fiction and is more subtle with the genre in The Affinities as he takes the idea of social media to a whole new level.

Adam Fisk doesn’t really know where his life is going and his family isn’t really supporting him or seeming to care that much. So he takes the affinity test and finds himself categorized into the Tau affinity. A whole new world opens up to him, with a community of people similar to him, new friends and partners are made, as well as new career opportunities. But soon the Affinities test and what it means becomes much more as it takes over the world, and Fisk finds himself in the middle of it as things start to turn ugly as the affinities begin to compete against each other, vying for power and control in various areas such as resources and government.

Originally written on May 12, 2015 ©Alex C. Telander.

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