Olague (2): Shutting Down for the Year

With the holiday season now in full swing; Thanksgiving just around the corner, and Christmas racing closely behind and arriving in now time, it means that my work is kicking into high gear and each day becomes a 10+ hour day with even less days off. This naturally means I’m more tired and have less energy to write.

So I’ve made the call to shut down writing on my novel Olague for the year. I’m just not going to be able to dedicate the time and work I want to it each week, let alone each day, and it just feels right to put it on hold until 2016. I will likely still continue with brainstorming, idea making, and plotting, which I tend to do while working, and will continue to add notes and details to the outline. But as for actual writing, the word count is going to hold at 4,492 for the rest of the year.

But I’m still extremely happy with what I’ve accomplished so far. My writing goal for this project for the year was at the very least to get started with writing it, maybe a page or two, and I’ve surpassed that with completing the prologue and working through Chapter One right now.

I’m planning on starting up the writing January 1, 2016 and making it the big focus for the year. And in the meantime, in addition to doing some outline work on this project, I can also work on some other things I’ve got going on.

Also with future Olague updates I’ll start including quotes from the novel.

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