Bookbanter’s Shape of Things to Come

So here’s how the rest of January and some of February is going to play out in all things Bookbanter, since the month is shooting by and we have some important posts to get done. It’s going to be a busy couple of months.

January 19 – Book News

January 21 – Review of 2015 Writing Goals

January 23 – Review: The Sandman: Overture

January 26 – Book News

January 28 – Writing Goals for 2016

January 30 – Review: The Marvels

February 2 – Book News

February 4 – Review: Saturn Run

February 6 – Bookbanter’s Best Books of 2015

At this point Bookbanter will regress to the usual three-post a week schedule with a weekly book news post, 1-2 book review posts a week, along with occasional writing pieces.

In February I’ll also be debuting “King Capsules,” which will be running monthly featuring one-paragraph reviews of various Stephen King books in each “capsule.”


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