Review of 2015 Writing Goals

So let’s take a look at how well I held to my writing goals for 2015, which can often be interesting since work and babies and life often tends to get in the way. I’ve copied my listed goals that I posted February 5, 2015. And my 2016 review commentary is below each section in red.

Olague: Complete some beginning writing with my novel Olague. I’m still working on research, plotting and characterization, but my goal is to have some piece of writing to start off the novel completed by the end of the year, whether it’s the start of the first chapter, or the prologue, or something to kick off the novel. Ideally, I’d love to work on Olague for Nanowrimo, but with how busy my life is these days with a taxing job and a toddler, that isn’t very likely. But I hope to have most of the planning side of the novel done and some writing begun by the time the year is out, and then to get stuck into some heavy writing come 2016.

So Nanowrimo for Olague didn’t happen, unsurprisingly. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get another opportunity to do Nanowrimo again, at least in the near future with things like the aforementioned work, life and children. As much as I love writing, I won’t sacrifice time with my son for it. We’ll just have to deal.

Getting back to the writing goal. I did get all my research and outlining done and in the fall I got started with some writing. And then the Christmas season hit and my work days all of a sudden became 10-12 hours long and exhausting. However, I did get 4442 words of the manuscript written and completed the prologue and started chapter one, which I hope to be getting back to real soon, maybe even next week! So . . .


Ostium: I’ve had this podcast series project that I’ve been kicking around for the last six months. The first draft of the first episode is written and needs to get finished up and polished and then I’d love to get the first episode recorded and released by the end of the year.

This didn’t really happen. I did get a number of rewrites done on the first episode and get it to my satisfied finished edit, as well as outlining the rest of the series to some degree. Now it’s a case of getting the person to do the recording and start working on the finer details once it’s recorded. I’d like to have the first episode recorded and ready by summer or early fall, but because I’m depending on another person, it definitely makes things a little trickier. But I’m really happy with the shape the project took and where it’s headed. So . . .


Write Stories: My goal for the year is to get two short stories written. I got one started late last year that I want to get completed and maybe edited and start submitting by the end of the year. And then I’ve got another story idea I’ve been wanting to get down for the last couple of years and I feel 2015 is the year I’m actually going to write the sucker. Here’s hoping.

2015 was the not the year that I wrote that sucker in question down. But the other one I started grew and grew and grew and surpassed the 10,000 word mark, so technically it’s like three short stories in one. I was really happy with how the lengthy story turned out and this spring I plan to start editing and doing further drafts with plans to start submitting it in the fall. So . . .


Submit Stories: Continue submitting stories all around and lets see if we can get another one published somewhere.

This I did continuously throughout the year. Sadly, no takers. And it’s been really disappointing to see the lack of response at least with a plain rejection so I know I can submit the story elsewhere. I’ve had to wait three months and decide that’s a rejection and move on from there. This is definitely true for submitting mainstream fiction. But I’m sure it’s just the way things are now in the publishing world.


Bookbanter: It’s time the Bookbanter page had a bit of a face-lift and a new look. I’ve had the same theme on there since I started the WordPress page, so it’s time for a new look and to present access to my writing first and foremost, and then my reviews and interviewing, and make it all around more user friendly.

I did do this earlier on in the year, with a new masthead logo which I’m proud of, and happy with the whole look of the site, so yay!


Facebook: It’s time for a schism of sorts. I need to separate all the writing stuff from my actual personal Facebook page. So at some point I’ll be creating a professional page on Facebook for all my writing and Bookbanter stuff and then just have my personal Facebook account for, you know, personal stuff, like pics and videos of my kid; the usual.

In short: nope. I changed my mind halfway through the year about this, so . . .

Et. Al.: Anything else I get done in relation to my writing is all pure bonus baby!

I was happy with coming up with more story ideas and really waking up the creative juices with the walking part of my work (I’m a mail carrier) and how once I let my mind run free, it came up with a lot of cool stuff. 

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