“Death Wave” by Ben Bova (Tor, 2015)

In Ben Bova’s previous standalone novel, New Earth, Jordan Kell traveled to a distant planet and found life that had been created by an advanced form of being akin to that of humans. They learned a lot from these “aliens” with their advanced technologies and way of life. Now Kell has traveled back to Earth with one of the aliens who is his new wife to show her off to the world and let them know of this new Earth.

But there is also something far more important to bring to the attention of the people of Planet Earth. A death wave is traveling through the universe, composed of lethal gamma radiation; it destroys everything in its path and wipes out all life. It will eventually reach Earth, millennia from now, but in the meantime it will wipe out many intelligent civilizations.

Kell launches a campaign to build starships to help save these civilizations, for the people of New Earth have the technology to save them but not the ability. But he must contend with a world government and a leader at its head who is essentially running a world dictatorship.

Like his previous books, Farside and New Earth, Death Wave features short chapters and conflicts get quickly and relatively easily solved. This is not deep, hard, complex science fiction, but a fun story that keeps you turning the page wanting to know what happens next.

Originally written on October 28, 2015 ©Alex C. Telander.

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