Welcome to Night Vale Giveaway


This is a Bookbanter giveaway for the advanced reader copies (ARCs) of Mostly Void, Partially Stars and The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe, reviewed here.

To enter the giveaway simply leave a comment on this blog post in response to the question:

What is your favorite Welcome to Night Vale episode and why?

The giveaway will end at midnight on Tuesday, September 13th. All comments made before will be entered into a random drawing. The winner will be chosen on Tuesday, September 13th and will receive both books.

Thank you for participating and be sure to subscribe to Bookbanter for book reviews, writing and more giveaways.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Night Vale Giveaway

  1. My favorite episode is Episode 71 “Registry of middle school crushes” First of a season, this episode takes us back to the more “domestic” and “homely” side of night vale, having settled after an intense two part finale, this episode proves for a funny take on the heist-genre and some cute Uncle-Niece interaction for Cecil and Janice.

  2. Episode 13: A Story About You. This episode was the only one to technically come out on my birthday and I honestly connect to the themes of this episode and it’s weather. I also like the monologue at the end of 21: Memories of Europe.

  3. A Story About You. First of all, it’s a wonderful stand alone piece of writing. The premise is draws you in immediately with just the right amount of creepy.
    Within Night Vale it represents one of the first clear hints of a larger background story tying in various earlier introduced elements (elements that are still in play today!). It was novel and showed the range and creativity of the WtNV writers by breaking with their own established podcast format; having one long narrative and having it not be presented as the normal Cecil radio show.
    Lastly Cecil Baldwin just knocked this one out of the park.

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