Listen to the Sound of My Voice


After winning a $100 Apple gift card from the great people at Blaze Entertainment, I faced a weighty decision as to what to do with said gift card. The choices were numerous and intoxicating: I could buy myself music, apps, headphones or earphones, portable speakers . . . but it didn’t take me long to think back on how I won this special gift.

I followed Blaze Entertainment on Twitter as a fellow podcaster and I was interested in their work and supporting them and learning from them. When they Tweeted about their giveaway, I automatically entered figuring it was worth a shot and then was both shocked and surprised when I found out I won.


Therefore it was only logical and correct to use this gift card to help improve my podcast and then I found this awesome Microphone for $99 that was USB compatible, and considering the last Apple device I had was an iPod many, many years ago, this seemed fated in some ways. And now that I am possesion of this mic, the sound quality of my recordings have drastically improved and there are many features to this device that I have yet to learn about.


So today’s lessons are:

  • Listen to and support podcasts
  • Fellow podcasters listen to and support each other
  • Help yourself become better at what you do
  • Follow Blaze Entertainment on Twitter.

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