Writing Goals for 2017

This year’s goals are going to be more in the . . . very rough guidelines category. I feel like I pull a little further back on these goal posts each year, knowing when I set myself lofty tasks things like life, children, work and random, unpredictable things seem to find a way of happening. But I still find them both helpful and necessary.

When I’m having to juggle work and personal life with my writing and I stare down the long tunnel of a new year it’s . . . daunting. I could just assume throughout the year I’ll get lots of writing done, but I’m also a very structured person. I enjoy having things planned out and organized. It’s one reason I love using Scrivener for all my writing as it allows you to be excessive in your organization. So these goals help give some structure for the coming year and when I’m saturated with working on a project, and I’m not sure what to move to next, I have these handy goals to help guide me.

  1. Ostium: This is the podcast project that became the main writing work for me in 2016. Episode 5 will be released February 26th, and I’ve got one other episode to mix together. Other than some light work leading up to the release of an episode this frees up my writing time. So my plan for Ostium is unless the Patreon page starts kicking and hitting the monetary goal, I don’t plan to start writing Season 2 until late summer with plans to start running the episodes in January 2018.
  2. Olague: My plan is to have my novel be my main project for the year and since I have Ostium more under control this year (unless it starts making big bucks), this should be feasible. Let’s just say I hope to get a vague chunk of this novel done this year and leave it at that.
  3. Story Submission: Continue submitting stories, like usual.
  4. Short Story: I have a number of short stories I’d like to get written, but for this year I’d be happy to get at least one of them done.

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