“The Device Trial” by Tom Breen

New York attorney Brian Bradford was severely injured and hospitalized after the violent confrontation at the end of the first novel, The Complaint. Having not learned his lesson from the first litigation against ZeiiMed, he decides upon his return to work to commence a second lawsuit against the billion dollar health insurance company. He agreed to file the suit after meeting the elderly Martha Dudley and learning that she was dying from a defective hip replacement device manufactured by a subsidiary of ZeiiMed. To obtain evidence that ZeiiMed knew of the defects, Brian must engage in illegal and unethical conduct that once again results in a life and death struggle with John Edison, the CEO of ZeiiMed. In preparing for trial against ZeiiMed, Brian realizes he has little chance of success without the invaluable assistance of his colleague Mary and his dear friend Meadhbh. Together they form a team that will hopefully bring ZeiiMed to its knees in a high profile trial in lower Manhattan. A creative plan of sexual diversion is implemented to provide Brian with critical inculpatory documents hidden by ZeiiMed in a masterful deception. ZeiiMed, of course, refuses to accept defeat at trial and unleashes a storm of violence on Brian and the women he cherishes. It’s up to Brian to win both inside and outside the Courtroom, despite ZeiiMed’s best efforts to destroy anyone in its path to victory.

The Device Trial was a finalist in the 5th Annual Beverly Hills International Book Awards.

San Francisco Book Review:

The Device Trial by Tom Breen takes readers into a world of sketchy businessmen and lawyers, teetering on the line between right and wrong from beginning to end. Lawyer Brian Bradford has just won a billion dollar lawsuit against medical company, ZeiiMed headed, at the time, by John Edison. However, his victory in the courtroom came at a high personal cost, and revenge now drives him to make Edison pay personally. A fight in Central Park one night lands both in the hospital with serious injuries. As both men heal and go about their lives, with a deep disdain for one another that could come to a head at any moment, Bradford comes across another possible lawsuit against MendMed, a company owned by ZeiiMed. This involves a device for those needing hip replacements and its possible defects. Bradford and his associate, Mary, take on the case. Justice is wanted by all, both in and out of the courtroom. Who will win and who will survive is the biggest question of all.

The Device Trial is a thrilling suspense novel from beginning to end. Well written and engaging, the storyline is fast-paced and will keep the reader’s attention from the first page to the last. The characters are well developed and add to the novel as a whole. Breen does a great job taking the topic of medical devices and their purposes, as well as medical terminology, and makes them easy to read without taking away from the story’s overall plot and pace. Breen also does a fantastic job of taking readers into the courtroom setting and doing the same. I am giving this novel a solid 5-star rating. Anyone who is a fan of thrillers, suspense and medical and/or legal novels should definitely read The Device Trial.

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