Bookbanter Column

The Bookbanter Column has been going on for a couple of years now, published on various sites, first starting with my own, then with the Sacramento Book Review, and now it can be found on Forces of GeekOn this page will be a full archive of all Bookbanter Columns published so far.

Diary of an Ereader, Part Two: Equiring the Ereader (May 10, 2013): The second column in the series on how and what ereader I “equired.”

Diary of an Ereader, Part One: An Introduction (April 26, 2013): An introduction to my new column series, “Diary of an Ereader.”

Goodreads and Amazon Living Together . . . Mass Hysteria! (April 12, 2013): On Amazon buying Goodreads and what might happen.

Remembering James Herbert (March 29, 2013): Remembering the great British horror author, James Herbert.

Brandon Sanderson: The Hardest Working Writer I Know (March 15, 2013): Brandon Sanderson is a very hard working writer; he has three books coming out this year.

Where’s the Digital Copy for Books? (March 1, 2013): My proposal is that books should come with a free ebook copy.

Get Lost in a Good Children’s Series: The Bartiameus Trilogy (February 13, 2013): Discover Jonathan Stroud’s world of the djinn Bartiameus.

The Power of Character (January 25, 2013): Books can be about stories or characters.  John Irving and Haruki Murakami are two authors who write incredible stories all about their characters.

The Book Dump, or What People Are Reading (January 11, 2013): After spending six months working at a company and creating a used bookstore, I got to see what people are truly reading the most of.

Get Lost in a Good Fantasy Series, Part 9: His Dark Materials (October 26, 2012): While technically a young adult fantasy series, His Dark Materials is a great trilogy to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Get Lost in a Good Fantasy Series, Part 8: The Sarantine Mosaic (October 12, 2012): The Sarantine Mosaic is part fantasy part wonderful historical fiction set in the time of medieval Byzantium.

Get Lost in a Good Fantasy Series, Part 7: The Kingkiller Chronicles (September 28, 2012): One of the more original epic fantasy trilogies to come out in the last few decades, with two tomes already released, fans are anxiously awaiting the final book.

Get Lost in a Good Fantasy Series, Part 6: A Song of Ice and Fire (September 21, 2012): Discover one of the best epic fantasy series out there in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.

Get Lost in a Good (Urban) Fantasy Series, Part 5: October Daye (August 31, 2012): October Daye is half fae and half human, and spends her time helping out those from both worlds who are in trouble and need help.

Get Lost in a Good Fantasy Series, Part 4: The Inheritance Trilogy (August 17): A truly original fantasy trilogy in a world of incredible gods.

Get Lost in a Good Fantasy Series, Part 3: King Raven Trilogy (August 3, 2012): Most people are pretty familiar with the Robin Hood legend, but nobody has seen the outlaw quite like this.

Get Lost in a Good Fantasy Series, Part 2: The Riyria Revelations (July 20, 2012): For those not familiar with the seven-book epic fantasy series by Michael J. Sullivan, you’re in for a real treat.

Get Lost in a Good Fantasy Series, Part 1: The Mistborn Trilogy (July 6, 2012): The Mistborn Trilogy has to be one of the best fantasy trilogies ever written, penned by Brandon Sanderson, and here’s why I think so.

The Long Read (June 22, 2012): Books come in all shapes and sizes, and some come very long with many pages; here are a selection of those.

Ray Bradbury Remembered (June 11, 2012): On June 5th we lost Ray Bradbury; here is remembered in my own personal way.

The Only Zombie Books You Ever Need to Read (May 25, 2012): There are a lot of books out there about zombies, and sometimes it’s hard to decide which ones are worth the read, and which ones you should stay clear of.  Here’s my recommendation for the ultimate zombie trilogy.

The Art of the Book Review, Part II: Fiction vs. Nonfiction (April 27, 2012): In this column I break down the key differences when writing a book review for a work of fiction, as compared to when writing a review for a work of nonfiction.

The Art of the Book Review, Part I: How I Write a Book Review (April 13, 2012): There’s a lot those goes into writing a good book review.  Here’s my breakdown of the my process.

Ebooks vs. Print Books (April 2, 2012): The debate wages on about whether ebooks will crush print books and become the one true format, while there are those who believe otherwise; and still others who have the faith a happy medium can be reached.  Here’s my take on it.

The Authors of Stephen King (March 16, 2012): Stephen King has written a lot of books.  He’s also written a lot of books featuring authors; here’s a comprehensive list of those books.

Borders Lives on, Sort of (March 2, 2012): While Borders closed its doors for the last time in the fall of 2011, some interesting new things are happening at Dimple Records.

Great Tools for Writing (February 17, 2012): What do you use to write on?  What do you use to listen to when you write?  Here are some great tools to help you out.

In an MMO Far, Far Away (December 16, 2011): MMOs are becoming an almost sub-genre in science fiction these days, and here are some great examples of that.

“November is National Novel Writing Month” (October 24, 2011): You may have heard of Nanowrimo or National Novel Writing Month before, but do you actually know what it’s all about?

“Thank You Borders” (September 16, 2011): I worked for Borders Bookstores for over five years.  This is my story about Borders and the end of a very special bookstore chain.

“Too Much of a Good Thing” (July 20,2011): What’s the deal with the Young Adult Dystopia genre?  It seems to be going crazy with the teen storylines about everything you could image and much worse.  Here’s a column that talks about that.

“Doing What’s Right” (May 21, 2011): Jessica Verday didn’t get her short story published in the YA anthology Pretty Little Things because it was about a relationship between two boys.  Here’s a column on what’s wrong with that and the outcome.

“Zombie is the New Undead” (April 11, 2011): We all know that zombies is still a really big thing in the entertainment world, whether it be in books, movies, or other forms of media.  This column explores why that might be.

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